Ship Ownership


Your voyage to earning your own loot begins now!

Just like being a pirate, being a business owner is not for the faint of heart. Anyone who has the guts to leave the mainland (or mainstream) and live on the sea is a force to be reckoned with. If you have passion and the drive to chase your dreams, we have the vessel to change your dreams into reality. And with the support of our crew, we will steer you to success.

It is time to stake your claim in this thriving, nostalgic, and multigenerational business theme! Unlike other mobile escape rooms, we have designed our ships to be as much of a showpiece as it is a game. We have incorporated theatrical presence and interesting games into our ship. As current and veteran escape room owners and haunt owners, we have combined the most exciting parts of both businesses.

Our ships are designed to be more than an escape room. We have personally experienced success in using it as a marketing tool by licensing it out to corporations for naming rights, using it as decor for corporate theme parties, and having other companies use it to draw attention to their store front. Our superior craftsmanship and nostalgic theme diversifies your market and increases revenue potentials.

Packages Available

No matter what the size of your treasure chest, we’ve got the package for you.

Find out more about starting a Pirate’s Life:

Business Planning

Included in our Turn Key package:

  • Fully operational pirate ship
  • Multiple game formats
  • Business Plan Tools
  • Customized Marketing Pieces
  • Business Consulting
  • Listing
  • Operator and Staff Manuals
  • Video Tutorials

Our Guarantee

Our Pirate Code is to deliver the utmost quality in our escape rooms and to provide superior customer service. We carefully construct your ship to ensure safety, longevity, and pay careful attention to details. We personally operate our own ship and observe how it handles a variety of events and operates in 4 seasons.

We know that there is a lot more to owning and operating a business than simply buying an escape room. That is why we equip you with all the tools necessary for success. We provide business planning tools, manuals and video tutorials, and a select amount of marketing tools. The combination of a show stopping ship, and the right business support ensures your transition into being a captain will be a smooth one.

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