Pirate Escapes

A Service Of Asheville Plays

Specializing In Mem-arrr-ble Experiences

Pirate Escapes create experiences that are as unique as they are stunning. Our custom built 30ft pirate escape room features two rooms, locally milled shiplap, and detailed oriented craftsmanship. Our escape games are versatile for large groups to private events. Above all, we pride ourselves on delivering men-arr-ble experiences.

Transform an ordinary event into an adventure. Our pirate ship is a show stopping centerpiece, and our in-character game masters bring your events to life.

We have designed all inclusive packages for captaining your own ship and owning your own event business.

Pirate Escape Events

How it works: Our mobile escape room arrives at any location. 6 “crew members” enter the ship for 10 minutes solving clues and riddles to escape a fate of sailing the eternal seas. While other event participants wait, they may attempt to solve additional puzzles outside the ship. Pirate Escapes are ideal for all events for all ages.

Be Your Own Captain

It takes courage to sail the uncharted seas of entrepreneurship. That is why we have developed an easy way to become a fearless business captain. With low overhead, low operating costs, and easy marketing, owning your own pirate mobile escape room is your treasure map to success!

Team Building

Campus Activites

Themed Events



Pirate Escapes: Mobile Escape Experiences

What is a mobile escape room: Typically escape rooms are 60 minutes long at one location. We designed ours to be 10 minutes long and mobile so that we can introduce people to escape rooms and travel to a variety of locations. Our mobile escape room is perfect for festivals and private events. It can accommodate large groups of guests.

Pirate Ship Escape Room

30ft Pirate Ship

2 Rooms Within Ship

Custom Built

Additional Themed Activities

Giant Battleship Game

Pirate Chest Escape

Selfie Station

Custom Costumes

Complete Event Experience

In-character Actors For Game Masters

Can Handle Any Group Size

Appropriate For All Audiences (Corporate To Families)